Wednesday, June 9

Social Studies: complete sections 1-5

Writing: 3/4 – 1 page of promotion speech

Tuesday, June 8

Math: worsheet

Social Studies: Complete sections 1-3

Monday, June 7

Math: Complete rows 8-12

Homework-Catch Up

Tuesday, May 25

Math: Make corrections from homework last night

Social Studies: Ancient Greece Storyboard section 2

Other: Lanyard Day tomorrow and Music shirt day….Spirit Day!


Monday, May 24

Math: Page 262 #1-27 and 33-40 (class work) and WB 7-1

Social Studies: Ancient Greece Storyboard section 1, China Flipbook due tomorrow


Outstanding job today on your STAR Testing!  I am so proud of all of you!

Social Studies: Finish title page and tabe of contents page of your Ancient China flip book

See you tomorrow bright and early and ready to go 🙂


STAR Review: Correct the ones you missed and review test!  Come ready to ask questions 🙂

Social Studies: page 149 #1-4 due tomorrow (You’ve had it since yesterday!)



STAR Review!  Correct the ones that you missed and re-write your answer!  Remember…do not erase your original answer!  We will continue to go over them this week!


Remember, we need MAGAZINES 🙂